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Introducing our Serenity Retreat Gift Box—a carefully curated haven for relaxation and mindful indulgence.


Transform your space with the soothing aroma of SAJE Tranquility Room Spray, creating an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. Immerse yourself in The Little Book of Mindfulness—a pocket-sized guide to serenity that fits seamlessly into your daily routine.


Revitalize your eyes with the ROSÉ All Day Eye Gels by Patchology, providing a luxurious spa experience at home. Wrap your locks in the embrace of an ultra-soft hair scrunchie for a touch of everyday comfort and style.


Set the mood with a small, beautifully scented candle, casting a gentle glow as it fills the room with enchanting fragrance.


To complete this indulgent experience, savor the elegance of BISOU Premium Green Tea—a tea lover's delight that promises a moment of bliss with each sip.


Elegantly packaged, the Serenity Retreat Gift Box is a thoughtful expression of self-care and mindfulness. Whether for yourself or a cherished recipient, this collection invites you to embrace moments of tranquility and pampering in the midst of everyday life.


Serenity Retreat Gift Box

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