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we are FAST

Basically we are the Amazon of Gifting... but way smaller and more local.

We work with the biggest and fastest shipping companies to provide you with the quickest delivery within Canada & USA

Most of us are last minute, and we get it - we created Boujée Box to make gifting elevated and effortless. So just shop and leave the rest up to us, we got you!

Estimate Shipping Times

if you need your gift delivered like NOW

We have a solution for that:

For an extra cost - usually no more than $10 extra on your order, we can get your order shipped and delivered within 1-2 business days anywhere in Canada & USA including Hawaii !

Just e-mail us requesting this or add a note to your order at check out.


Are receipts included with the gift box?

Nope, no, never.

We would never include a receipt in the gift box.

The only receipt you'll ever receive is to your email, and that's it!

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