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Blume Super Food Latte : Turmeric

Blume Super Food Latte : Turmeric

Heal & Revive - Think of this as the healer.

  • This blend will take care of your body inside and out.
  • Support your immune system, get that skin glow and soothe achey joints with this healing blend of proven superfoods.


I am...
The original Golden Mylk blend and best seller.


I help...
Reduce inflammation, boost gut health and improve immunity.


I support...
Your whole body (I am actually amazing).


I naturally...
Relieve pain, soothe colds and reduce swelling. 


*25-30 servings

*No fillers or added sugars.

*Vegan ☁ Caffeine Free ☁ Sugar Free ☁ Organic

Blume Super Food Latte : Turmeric

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