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Patchology: Served Chilled - ROSÉ EYE GELS


Cheers every day with these bubbly, perfectly pink Rosé eye gels.

Formulated with antioxidants Resveratrol (from grapes!) and Strawberry Extract to help protect from environmental stressors—which can lead to early signs of aging—and Hyaluronic Acid for a megadose of hydration.

Pro tip: keep ‘em chilling in the fridge for when your undereyes need their own sparkling pour of happé-ness.


  • strawberry extract: a rich source of vitamin c and folic acid, helps protect skin from free radicals while also softening the skin
  • resveratrol: a natural antioxidant found in grapes that helps protect skin and calm inflammation
  • hyaluronic acid: hydrates skin to help improve elasticity

Patchology: Served Chilled - ROSÉ EYE GELS

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