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Our 'Ella' Boujée Box Contains:


  • Joanna Bisley:  'Stella Earring' . A classic pearl earring with a modern twist. Handcrafted with ivory Swarovski crystal pearls on a luxe rhodium gold, silver, or rose gold starburst stud encrusted with cubic zirconia.


  • Skwiik 'On the Rocks- Spiced Bourbon SEA SOAK'. A warm bath with the spiced bourbon sea soak issure to relax after a long day.


  • Lovez Coffee ‘Boujee Blend’ or Blume Superfood Latte  Choose your favorite warm beverage. For the coffee-lover, try our organic air roasted and sustainably sourced ‘Boujée Blend’ from Lovez Coffee. Not into coffee? Try Blume’s small batch, animal friendly superfood lattes in either beetroot or
    turmeric. *Vegan ☁ Sugar Free ☁ Caffeine Free ☁ Organic*



  • Routine Cream 'Natural Deodorant'.  Keep your armpits safe from toxins! This natural deodorant WORKS. Even our spin instructors swear by it. Scents available are: regular, vegan (no beeswax), sensitive (no baking soda), or charcoal magnesium and prebiotics.


  • Wild Prairie Soap Company Inc. 'Natural Bath Bomb'. Soften and gently scent your bath waterwith this natural bath bomb: Lavender (No dye, No nasty tub mess, No silicone or sulfates)


  • Boujée Box Collection 'Silk Scrunchie'. Every girl can use another scrunchie, ours is elegant and minimizes friction causing frizz and breakage. Available in: Creamy White, Gold, Brown Gold.


  • Boujée Box Collection 'Soy Wax Candle'. 100% Soy-wax candles with dryed flowers in your favourite scent. 


Deluxe Display Box - Our reusable high-quality magnetic enclosure bow-tied BOUJÉE BOX, perfect for display or storing treasures or mementos.



The Ella: Boujée Box

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