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Our ' Ellie ' Boujée Box Contains :


  • Joanna Bisley: 'Stella Earring' Handcrafted with Swarovski Crystal Pearls on exquisite Crystal encrusted studs. Available in silver, gold, and rose gold. *Hypoallergenic - free from nickle*
  • Skwiik ‘Kitty Gang Bar’. A handmade pH balancing soap for her. Made with essential oils that encourage a healthy pH ‘down there’ and pastel pink clay for detoxifying properties.
  • Wild Prairie Soap Company Inc. 'Natural Bath Bomb'. Soften and gently scent your bath waterwith this natural bath bomb. Oatmeal, Milk & Honey.
  • Sweetsmith Candy Co. Brittle. An allergen friendly sweet treat- everyone loves brittle. Your choice of regular, sugar-free, vegetarian, vegetarian sugar-free, or vegan. Boujée Box Collection
  • Silk Scrunchie'. Every girl can use another scrunchie, ours is elegant and minimizes friction causing frizz and breakage. Available in: Creamy White, Gold, Brown Gold.
  • Boujée Box Collection Soy Wax Candle'. 100% Soy-wax candles with dryed flowers in your favourite scent.
  • Deluxe Display Box - Our reusable high-quality magnetic enclosure bow-tied BOUJÉE BOX, perfect for display or storing treasures or mementos. *Box Size: 26 cm x 26 cm x 13 cm

The Ellie : Boujée Box

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